My name is Lucas, I live in a grey city called “Rancagua” some people believe it does not exist and all the population of Rancagua are in reality computer bots, but sorry fellas, Rancagua do exist and is a little boring mining based city. I don’t remember my age but I’m sure between 24-27 lol.

My old nickname was “Lukasxd” where I posted several maps for Doom (Map is like a level for a old-school shooter game Doom, where you can customize your map with new graphics, music in midi format and etcetera) even I compete in map tournaments, my last doom map was one based on a Windows 98 GUI. It got some popularity and even people reviewed my map, Crazy shit :)

I quit mapping for several reasons, one is obviously time, I have time for mapping, but I use that time for play videogames, sounds stupid but the main reason I quit mapping is simple the inability to create something, I can spend hours looking to the Doom Builder, asking myself what I want, I draw some sectors, change some textures and just close the program, my mind is blocked for some reason I just can’t get something done.

I have a PS3 and a PS2 as main consoles, I also have a GBA but I use that thing only for long bus rides or when the electricity goes off.

POPULAR SERVERS I GO - KTX - TDM - FFA - Ra 1 - Clan Arena




22:23 PM | 20 - 04 - 2021


I made some buttons for a better navigation system, now you don’t have to scroll the entirely website just for see a section of this site. I will make an special level only for this site, I don’t promise anything however, Stay tuned

I also add a new section, is called “QuakeGotchi” and is just a Tamagotchi parody, Tamagotchis were insanely popular in the 90’s, people have them as an alternative to do something “useful” as try to maintain them alive, yes, they are virtual pets (one of the first I guess) but in those years they were more like a toy than a pet, newer ones have INFRARED connectivity and also have friends and jobs, like real humans holy shit!

Thanks for the creator of “GIFTY PET” |” for making that neat app.

I salute to all my visitors, remember to take care of Quaky for me LOL


A wad file is like a zip or a rar, is a compression format for text, graphics and music, the WAD format is usable for Doom editing or Doom mapping, because the Engine of the game know how to use and uncompress this type of files, new source ports add new formats like the pk3 which is originally from Quake 3 engine.

For playing these files you need the original game and a source port, I recommend Zdoom, is a very easy and portable source port, you just need to uncompress it and put the original DOOM2.WAD on the same folder and that’s it, for playing custom wads you just need to drag ‘em to the executable of Zdoom.


"Bodega Abandonada" For DOOM2

My first serious attempt to make a playable map, forgotten storehouse is the translate name for this map. I made this map for compete on the Arcades 3d 10th Tournament of Doom 2 maps, you can see a common problem in my maps, tiny spaces where the player fights enemies, this is not my first doom map, the first ones are lost (Simple FFA maps for Zdaemon when Zdaemon was active and FFA – CTF were the popular modes) is a easy claustrophobic map, except for the end, you have to fight a cyberdemon in a tiny, tiny cube lol.

"A shitty night" For DOOM2

"It's fun and had fairly imaginative (albeit linear) design, but it's a little on the easy side. Only about 1/10th of the monsters are stronger than chaingunners, and you can just run past the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind without taking any significant damage."
-Anon comment at IDGAMES

"Vel Ficta: Tantibus" For DOOM2

The name is in latin, of course I use just a translate, sorry if sound lame for the people who know latin

A good looking map, save for some visual bugs (unpegging at doors, slime trail, etc.). Unfortunately, the layout has nothing interesting to offer and the gameplay is incredibly flat. Normally I'd be generous to a wad like this and up the vote, but being stuck in the SSG pit was absolutely unforgivable. 3/5
-Snakes comment at IDGAMES

"512 x 512 Maps" For DOOM2

A werid experiment, at that moment, people begin to create small maps as a challenge (512, 256, 128) and this map is just that, a collection of small maps in 512 x 512. Some people felt betrayed because some of the 4 or 3 maps in this collection does not use the 512 x 512 limit.

"Little Evil" For DOOM2

Little Evil is a map where I use just similar textures, like red bricks with red colored textures and goes on, have some puzzles (you have do shot a circle at some point of the map) and also has a “boss” fighting, it has some dehacked inside also, nothing too sick.

"My Friend Cock" For DOOM2

Don’t read the TXT, is just random shit I wrote (you know, some people like to put stories on the txt file) this maps was a completely fail for me, not only it competed in a Arcades3d tournament but people really didn’t like the limited gameplay and I know very well the flaws of it, at least has some good looking details, especially in the end LOL

Over-the-top shitty detail, insta-death traps, and claustrophobic combat. You also have to navigate on railing that can with single misstep teleport you to death. Level is very short.
-Zalewa comment at IDGAMES

"Green Pile" For DOOM2

Green Pile is a collection of deathmatch maps, it uses a lot of green textures and that’s why the name of this pack. I feel really proud about this pack, Megadog hosted some FFA servers using this wad and that give me a big smile, i still play sometimes this with bots (the servers while green pile was hosted where no more) the final level is… Meh but the others are really fast-pace.

Quite small, but I like them!
-Doomkid comment at IDGAMES

"My Soul Trapped in a WIN98 PC" For DOOM2

This map was very popular, even some Youtubers play it and review it, indeed this was my final contribution to the Doom community, it has a lot of details based on a Windows 98 environment, 88x31 buttons all the place and in general a very good looking map, I know, it has some flaws like the combat, it is not great. Also, this map has several endings and a easter egg, If you have problems beating the puzzles, the first one is a column which is located at the center of the room (where you fight the lost souls) just press the button at your left and shot the red-pilar, it should open the pillars ahead. There’s other one like this one but in this case you need to shot at the caves where the lost souls spawn, it will leave a pad at the center for continue.

Doom Builder 1.68

One of the best “map creators” out there, Doom Builder, a easy to use, fast program to develop your most wild creations on Doom 2. Most of my maps where made using this tool.
I didn’t like the second version.

xWE 1.16

XWE is a wad editor, a simple but effective program, add graphics, midi music and text t your creations with ease, it has some compatibility programs with newer systems.

Zdoom 2.8.1

This is all you need as a source port, it has a great support for Windows systems, some new features in terms of mapping, but still a pretty classic doom feeling, if you want to play my maps, just use this and your Doom2.wad.


WinZip, I don’t know what version, I just downloaded to their site and host a copy of the exe, for uncompress the zip and rar files. (Hurr it is the 25 version, lol :p)

Scrolling LED Gif Generator

For making those scrolling leds gifs.

GameSpy 3D By iNFL

Gamespy3D (QSpy originally) was a server browser app, it let you browse activity in games like Quake, Q2, Q3, Daiktana, SiN and a bunch of games I don’t remember at this moment. This is a cracked program, so it will not ask for a subscription or anything, indeed, the servers died long ago, for make this work you have to add the master servers. This is not GameSpy Arcade/Comrade.

There’s also a Gamespy mIRC script that allows you do post what game are you playing and where you can download it (*ehem* FPS Legends)

Brujeria Script 5.0

Birc or Brujeria Script was a not so popular Chilean IRC Script, it has a lot of new options like a native mp3 player (which reproduce a Rhapsody of Fire song everytime you open it) flooding, war scripts inside and even a clone client so you can connect to a server and speak with yourself. It has the mIRC so you don’t need to download it Beware some systems know this as a virus.

ToTeX 1.5

ToTeX was a popular Chilean IRC script, like Brujeria, it doesn’t require installing mIRC to work.

Winamp 2.95

Winamp 2 is a legend, so here it is, for people wondering what the fuck is winamp, fist let the llama wimp your ass and then download it and experience it for yourself, is a media player which can play MP3 and have the option to change the skin, move equalizers and a lot more. Is perfect for those who only want a mp3 player, light and responsive.


Hi! I’m Quaky *rocketjumps near you* Hum Hum. Take care of me, I can’t respawn :(

Quaky is the official mascot and our personal human resources engineer of “” he’s a friendly ranger who like to take walks into Deathmatch Map Four, he’s no hostile to newcomers so eventually he wouldn’t bite you. Please, take care of him, he likes hamburgers and take showers into lava pits.

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